a path back to the self

The "Troisième Pôle"  is a method of returning to the self, created by Marianne Hubert on the basis of her near-death experiences which opened her to a broader vision of life on earth: we are all totally divine human beings and we possess an unlimited source of what is desirable. To access this, we can gradually transform our defence mechanisms that stem from our history and experience that the universe has only one wish: to ground us in happiness, abundance and pleasure. In this most beautiful of journeys, that of the encounter with oneself, the annoyances constitute the bricks to build the life of freedom and meaning we dream of.

 The principles of the method

Observation of emotions

Although they do not always tell the truth, emotions allow us to be closer to ourselves. It is impossible to cheat with what we feel and to observe them methodically, allows us to discover all the different layers that exist within us. With the right tools, it is then possible to analyse and understand them, to then change our emotional climate by aligning it more and more towards our divine Self: who we really are, our immaterial being that exists well beyond a physical body.

Observe, yes but...

 Observe yes, but with radical self-love! The aim is not to observe ourselves in order to leave even more room for the voice of judgment. On the contrary, what the method proposes is a relaxation in the acceptance of all that exists within us. Because it is impossible to transform what we are not ready to recognise, radical self-love is essential for this path which is meant to be a path of love above all.

Our childhood

Our childhood is the perfect treasure map to understand where all our negative emotions come from. In all the suffering we experienced in our childhood, certainties were created and, in the face of these, we put in place mechanisms to alleviate the pain. These mechanisms and certainties are still present in our subconscious and finding the impact today of your childhood wounds allows a profound transformation of the Self. That of self-knowledge.

Personal responsibility

Personal empowerment. No one is capable of arousing an emotion in us if it did not already exist in us. The third pole therefore invites us to take responsibility for what exists in our lives and to see relationships as a mirror of our inner conflicts. The spiritual vision of the method invites us to experience what happens externally as a reflection of what lives inside us. Our experience on earth then becomes a field of experimentation where we become the anthropologist of our subconscious and where every negative trial becomes an indicator that a treasure is at our disposal, if we dare to dive into the meaning of what exists.

Transcending duality

Transcending duality means to stop seeing things in black and white and instead to observe the multiple nuances and levels of consciousness that intermingle in our human personality. The Third Pole refers to that unitary state which lies above the dual vision in force on the earthly plane, the source of many conflicts. This method is therefore an invitation to embody this third pole, that of unity which, by understanding the meaning of everything, rises to a spiritual understanding of life.