Les activités proposées par Marianne et son équipe 


In December 2002, when Marianne gathered a group of researchers around the teaching of the Pathwork Guide, a spiritual entity manifested itself through a medium during their meditation. This Guide is the origin of the method of working on oneself LE TROISIÈME PÔLE.

​His teaching contains over 2500 pages to date.

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Online training

with Marianne Hubert

The online courses are courses of several weeks to several months, covering different themes to enable you to align yourself more and more with your divine Self, that spiritual being that exists far beyond your physical body. Through guided meditations, text studies, observation and emotional analysis, a new understanding of life opens up before you where deep self-knowledge becomes the goal and the channel for transforming our negative parts into the divine energy that exists just below. It is through the encounter of self with Self that a material life in your image can be discovered, where every spiritual value is embodied in your daily experience and where you will learn to discover the treasures contained in negative situations.

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Unleash your divine self
with Marianne Hubert

IN ENGLISH -every other Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm 

IN FRENCH - Every other Thursday from 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Supported by various tools such as the Pathwork texts, the Emotion Journal, meditation and, of course, the Guide perspective that Marianne has been channeling since 2002, the group work enables evolution, awareness of self and others, and promises great transformations.​

Price - 60€ or 30€*

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*According to where you are from

Les groupes de travail sur soi jeunes adultes ( in French)

every other Thursday from 7.30pm to 10.30pm
with Marianne Hubert​

​Ce  groupe de travail sur soi s'adresse aux jeunes adultes qui souhaitent inclure la perspective spirituelle dans leur vie matérielle. Tout ce que nous vivons correspond à une volonté en nous. Au-delà de ce que nous voulons consciemment, il existe des parties de nous, souvent inconscientes, qui souhaitent le contraire. Notre expérience de vie et les émotions qu'elle suscite nous permet de retrouver ces parties de nous qui nécessitent un peu de soin.

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Transpersonal workshops

with Marianne Hubert and Emilien Sanou

With holotropic breathing, immerse yourself in all dimensions of who you are and make your subconscious aware. Over-oxygenation and the resulting altered state of consciousness brings you face to face with things you never knew existed. These may be wounds to be healed, defences to be let go of, a state of connection with the greater whole or the meeting of a totem or a spiritual guide, experiences from a previous life or other states of existence (mineral, animal, vegetable). You find a common thread that leads you to discover a much broader identity. This is a unique opportunity to work face-to-face with Marianne Hubert in a small group where the journey into your own depths brings you to another dimension of who you are.

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with Marianne Hubert

Since 2004, Marianne has been organising an annual initiation trip. These tailor-made trips combine pleasure, discovery of cultures and landscapes and work on oneself. Group living, meditations and deep emotional work give everyone the opportunity to work intensely on themselves and to enjoy the beauty of earthly life with all the pleasures it has to offer without losing touch with their inner life.

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