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I'm delighted to be accompanying a Red Sea cruise with free dolphins from 5 to 12 August, invited by Eric Grange of Oasis, l'Éveil aux Mondes, which has been offering conscious, initiatory and spiritual journeys since 2007.

 You have no idea what this means to me. Let me explain.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Lhéanna 30 years ago, I kept dreaming that I was interacting with dolphins, in a deep, personal contact where I perceived them as beings of higher consciousness. After each dream, I was convinced that I had to give birth in water. I wanted to make the transition from the liquid world of our origins to an ethereal existence smoother for my children.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not our death that's the worst moment of our lives, but our birth. This is borne out by the many participants in the journey in an altered state of consciousness who relive their birth during the transpersonal workshops I offer.

I started looking around and met several obstetricians, most of whom called me a sweet fool, but one gynaecologist told me about the Henri Serruys maternity hospital in Oostende. My home town! There I met Dr Herman Ponette, who has been giving birth in water since the 1980s. Phew, that was the right vibratory match!

My two children were born in Ostend, but unfortunately complications, the details of which I'll spare you, prevented me from giving birth in the water. All the same, I benefited from the warm and enveloping spirit that reigned in the department, for which I am still very grateful.

In the meantime, I was hooked on the subject! I got involved in the 'Aquanatal' association, which aims to inform people about births in the water, in the company of some illustrious 'enlightened' people: Herman Ponette, Jacques Mayol the 'dolphin man', see the Big Blue; Ric O'Barry, trainer on the Flipper series who became a great defender of the dolphin cause; Patrice Van Eersel, author of the Cinquième Rêve, which I invite you to read if you're interested in the subject. They were all deeply committed to a better future for humanity.

Aquanatal montait un projet où des femmes enceintes accoucheraient dans l'océan à l'île Fernando de Noronha, au large de Recife au Brésil, en présence d'une colonie de dauphins. Herman Ponette was inspired by the work of Igor Tcharkovsky, himself rescued by two dolphins, who launched the water birth (and baby swimmer) movement in 1963 by giving birth to Russian children in the Black Sea, in the presence of dolphins who helped them give birth by communicating telepathically.

 When my daughter was about two and building a life for the two of us presented different challenges, I stopped following the project. But the dolphins kept calling me.

When I organised the Third Pole's annual trip to Ireland in 2010, we spent a few days on the Dingle peninsula, where an ambassador dolphin, Fungie, was in close contact with the locals. We dived into the icy Irish Sea at dawn and were rewarded by his visit. There are no words to describe my experience: I felt pierced by a wave of love that turned my relationship with myself upside down. Here are a few images from that day...

The August cruise is a famous upgrade... the heat of the Red Sea, diving several times a day with a colony of dolphins numbering around a hundred... Thanks to Eric Grange for making a dream come true. Is it yours too? I'd be delighted to share it with you.

Helped by contact with the dolphins who heal and raise our consciousness, we will free ourselves from our defence mechanisms and rediscover our original vulnerability which is in alignment with the benevolent universe, as our friends the dolphins most certainly are!

Click here for all the information about this wonderful upcoming trip..

Warmest regards,


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